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Results of completed research projects.

AMOS - Veröffentlichungen:

Büssing, A., Ostermann, T., Edelhäuser, F.:   Clinical studies in eurythmy therapy - aspects for future planning (07/2009) 
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Heermann, S. et al.:   Eye morphogenesis driven by epithelial flow into the optic cup facilitated by modulation of bone morphogenetic protein (02/2015) 
Article online with videos:  oder  Download als PDF

Schwab, Jane:  „Eurythmy Therapy in Anxiety  Download PDF

This case report was part of a training course in writing reports relating to cognition-based medicine (CBM). In 2006 and 2007 at Vidarkliniken, Sweden, courses were led by Dr. med. Gunver Kienle and Dr. med. Helmut Kiene. The case report contains descriptions of the Anthroposophic view of man, Anthroposophic medicine, and eurythmy therapy as well as a causality analysis according to CBM.
It could therefore serve as a model for any single case report on Anthroposophic therapy.

  • 12 videos with different eurythmy therapy excercises To be watched or downloaded for free on the video plattforms of the Eurythmy Therapy Forum: 
    Vimeo or YouTube
  • A DVD with a video in good quality can be bought directly from the film maker:
  • 26.  Kienle GS, Kiene H. How to write a case report. Der Merkurstab 2009; 62(3):239-242.  Download PDF
  • 9.  Kienle GS, Andersson E, Baars E, Hamre HJ, Murphy J, Portalupi E, Schneider T, Schwab J, Wode K, Kiene H: EIndividual clinic research done by physicians and therapists? Practice-related development of cognition-based medicine. Der Merkurstab 2010, 3:204-9.    Download PDF

Zerm, R., Lutnaes-Mast, F., Mast, H., Girke, M., Kröz, M.:  Effects of Eurythmy Therapy in the Treatment of Essential Arterial Hypertension: A Pilot Study   Download PDF