Sweden: Järna


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Läkeeurytmi-Utbildningen i Norden
Renee Reder, Anita Jülke-Drufhagel
Sandtorpsvägen 1,
SE-15330 Järna, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8 55150101
Fax: +46 8 55171 883
Email: renee.reder (at) gmail.com

Läkeeurythmieutbildningen i Norden”, based in Järna in Sweden, is a training centre the aim of which is eurythmy as a therapeutic profession.

An extensive understanding of the healthy human being as an individuality and an understanding of illness are the fundamental challenges of this training.

Training of perception is a central theme in order to discover in the visible phenomena "what is invisible, individual and spiritual in the human being".

Medical lectures from scientific perspectives are augmented by anthroposophical human studies.

Students are prepared for independent, qualitative therapeutic activity. Different ways of collaborating with doctors, who themselves have different perspectives, are prepared in the training and given over to professional eurythmy therapists as their responsibility.