Eurythmy Therapy


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The therapeutic eurythmy, eurythmy therapy is a movement therapy, that has been used successfully for the last 90 years. Aside from the diverse indications in acute, chronic and degenerative illnesses, eurythmy therapy is used as preventative measure connected with the concept of salutogenesis; it is used as prophylaxis and for after-treatment.

Origin and Development:
Eurythmy therapy is part of the therapy methods of anthroposophic medicine developed by Dr. phil. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and Dr. med. Ita Wegman (1875-1943). Since 1921, eurythmy therapy is used increasingly in many diverse special fields (hospitals, clinics, schools, social-therapeutic establishments, health centers). In this usage it is further developed and scientifically documented.

Therapeutic Approach:
In the healthy human being the forces in the physical, soul and spiritual aspects work together harmoniously. An illness is a disturbance of this force constellation. Systematic, targeted therapeutic movement exercises integrate these aspects, achieving once again a healthy balance.

Indication for Eurythmy Therapy:
Within the framework of anthroposophic medicine eurythmy therapy is used for acute, chronic or degenerative illnesses of the nervous system, the heart- and circulation system, the metabolic system and the movement organization. It is also used for child development disturbances and disabilities as well as in psychosomatic field and psychiatry. Eurythmy therapy is also used successfully as prevention in connection with salutogenesis – the focus on health - and additionally as rehabilitation.