USA: Copake


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USA: Therapeutic Eurythmy Training
Anna Ree, Seth Morrison
670 Route 203
Spencertown, New York 12165 

Tel.: +1  518 392 1004
E-Mail: tetna (at)

The Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in North America is a three year long, part time course for those holding a recognized diploma in Artistic Eurythmy. It is certified by the Medical Section of The School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland.

The  course provides a solid foundation for the practice of Therapeutic Eurythmy in such fields as Education, Special Needs Education, Clinical Work and in Private Practice. The training emphasizes  the transition from Pedagogic and Artistic Eurythmy to the specialization which makes Therapeutic Eurythmy an effective modality of healing.  

The Therapeutic Eurythmy Training in North America enjoys a unique relationship with the Camphill Village located in Copake, New York, USA. The Village has been home to the training. Our students live, teach and work together with members of the community which include adults with special needs.