Switzerland: Dornach


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Switzerland: Goetheanum Eurythmy Therapy Training
Kaspar Zett
Grundackerstr. 23a
CH - 4143 Dornach, Switzerland
Telephone.: 0041 (0)61 701 92 58
Telephone (office hours): 0041 (0)61 706 12 90
Email: kaspar.zett (at) gmail.com

This eurythmy therapy training offers an opportunity to deepen the path of training through the rich cultural life available at the Goetheanum. The Goetheanum building itself is included as a theme in the training concept.

The training is part-time and adapted to the demands of modern life. Practically-oriented input from doctors and eurythmy therapy tutors active in all fields of work ensures that independent therapeutic activity is learned through collaboration with the doctor.

Our central concern here is to mediate fundamental medical knowledge based on Rudolf Steiner's and Ita Wegman's extended art of healing and the actual structure of the Eurythmy Therapy Course itself as a method of eurythmy therapy.

In an interdisciplinary sharing and exchange with other therapy trainings in the context of the Academy for Therapy and Art (atka), a diploma recognised by the Swiss state can be gained, oriented toward future-oriented, professional therapeutic practice.